​Many efforts to address the problem of sexual addiction tend to focus on either more commitment or repression of sexual desires. But these strategies do not work, and they diminish the meaning and beauty of sexuality.

In Grace and Sexuality, the author emphasizes that sexual desire should neither be indulged nor repressed. Rather, healing comes through grateful integration of sexual desire into our lives. As we learn to accept our sexual desires and channel them with love, gratitude and respect, our passions can be rewired.

This attitude of grateful integration can deliver us from needless shame for having a sexual nature and enable us to celebrate our freedom from guilt and enjoy our sexuality and closest relationships.

Publication Date:  November 2015
ISBN/EAN13:  0996810005 / 9780996810005

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Grace and Sexuality

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Yes, enjoyment of your sexuality and freedom from addiction is possible! 


Many men have experienced breakthroughs by reading and processing the book, Grace and Sexuality, especially in conjunction with counseling and supportive relationships with other men.  Our program, Men of Grace*, contains three essential components which facilitate genuine freedom and joy in your experience of sexual integrity.

  • ​Attend Men of Grace* small group to deepen one's implementation of the core principles described in the book, Grace and Sexuality, in an atmosphere of gentle accountability and encouragement.  
  • Read and process the book, Grace and Sexuality, by Patrick Holley.   Includes small group study guide. 
  • Seek counseling.

 *Note:  Men of Grace offers two groups:  

(1) One group is an ongoing meeting for accountability, encouragement and implementation of core principles.  You can drop in this group any time.   Click here or below to request more information.

(2)  The second group is a book study, processing the book, Grace and Sexuality, offered several times per year.  

To contact Steve Fisher for times and dates, or sign up online, please use contact form below or call Steve @ 859-948-3482