Patrick Holley is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Lexington, Kentucky whose primary focus is relationships.​

​​Patrick has been providing counseling services for over 25 years and is the author of Grace and Sexuality.  He has an M.Div. degree and Masters in Counseling.

 710 East Main Street

​Lexington, KY 40502



I will continue meeting both current and new clients (Kentucky Residents) using a simple and confidential video conferencing option.  To view my appointment availability, schedule or cancel an appointment, or send me a message, please click the Make An Appointment Tab.   

My counseling focus is Marriage and Relationship counseling as well as depression and anxiety.  I believe our core problems tend to stem from our desire to be validated and loved by others.  When we do not feel worthy, "good enough" or loved we engage in self-protective behaviors (fight or flee), pain comes to the surface and we experience hurt, anger, anxiety and other destructive emotions.